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Composite Lining Systems was formed in 2005 in response to customer demand for lower costs and better service in the fight against oilfield corrosion. Headquartered in the Permian Basin of West Texas, CLS is staffed by industry professionals with many years of experience protecting tubing and casing against corrosion from CO2 and water injected for enhanced production, salt water injected for disposal or pressure maintenance and various production streams.

CLS workers Composite Lining Systems installs GlassBore® Glass-Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) liners into new or used tubing and casing to prevent ID damage caused by exposure to corrosive elements. GRE is extremely durable and has a long history of documented performance. To guard against external corrosion, CLS developed GlassWrap®, an epoxy-based external wrapping system for protected tubing and casing in corrosive downhole environments.


CLS workers We are proud to be recognized providers of salt water disposal tubing for the US shale exploration market. CLS has millions of feet of large diameter GlassBore® installed into massive water disposal facilities placed strategically within these projects. CLS customers in secondary and tertiary production (CO2 and corrosive water injection) form the largest US market for GRE-lined tubular products. Composite Lining Systems currently supports over fifty-two million feet of protected tubing and casing installed into corrosive service.


CLS workers When cost-effectiveness and workover prevention are central planning strategies, please contact CLS for recommendations. We have years of experience protecting tubing installed into CO2 and water injection wells, corrosive production wells and acid gas injection wells. Our products are designed to give long term insurance against damage from corrosion, matching or exceeding plans of depletion in secondary and tertiary operations and bearing up under rigorous standards for corrosive water disposal systems.


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