Composite Lining System

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Composite Lining Systems provides GlassBore® Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) lining service for casing and tubing placed into corrosive service. GRE is widely regarded as a highly effective material when deployed as a barrier to corrosion in steel tubing. Composite Lining Systems combines years of industry experience with this proven product to provide cost-effective customer-friendly service over a wide variety of corrosive applications.

  • Cost Effective GlassBore® Glass Reinforced Epoxy lined tubing provides premium ID protection against corrosion.
  • Composite Strength - GlassBore® GRE is fabricated from a fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin system.
  • Durable - GlassBore® provides a reliable, impact-resistant barrier against mechanical damage.
  • Holiday Free - GlassBore® eliminates ID exposure to corrosive fluids and gases, extends life of tubular goods in corrosive service.
  • Proven Technology - Glass-Reinforced Epoxy is widely recognized to be a longer lasting alternative to Internal Plastic Coating.
  • Compatible - GlassBore® is dimensionally similar to competitive GRE-lined tubular products and can be made up in mixed strings.




Integral Joint-GL

Integral Joint GL Bisectional Illusration Integral Joint GL Bisectional Illusration

Two Step-8 TR GL

Two step-8 TR GL Bisectional Illusration Two step-8 TR GL Bisectional Illusration

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