Composite Lining System

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GlassWrap® is an epoxy-wetted fabric wrapped onto casing and tubing as a guard against OD corrosion. Since 2013, over 2.5 million feet have been applied to tubular goods placed into corrosive service. CLS customers frequently apply GlassWrap® to tubing placed in an unprotected annular space (dual completions, for example), Casing cemented across flowing saltwater aquifers or passing through formations bearing corrosive fluids may also be a candidate for CLS GlassWrap®.

GlassWrap Spec Sheet (PDF)


  • Durable External Protection - for oilfield tubulars and line pipe
  • Proven Technology - prevents OD corrosion in extreme environments
  • Hardened Epoxy Wrap - outperforms less durable alternatives
  • Proven CLS Service and Support - crossing all product lines


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