Composite Lining System

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GlassWrap® is an epoxy-wetted fabric wrapped onto casing and tubing as a guard against OD damage from corrosion. Since 2013, over 1.75 million feet have been applied to tubular goods placed into corrosive service. Our customers frequently apply GlassWrap to tubing placed in an unprotected annular space (dual completions, for example), Casing cemented across flowing saltwater aquifers or passing through formations bearing corrosive fluids may also be a GlassWrap® candidate.

GlassWrap Spec Sheet (PDF)


  • Durable External Protection - for oilfield tubulars and line pipe
  • Proven Technology - prevents OD corrosion in extreme environments
  • Hardened Epoxy Wrap - outperforms less durable alternatives
  • Proven CLS Service and Support - crossing all product lines


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