Composite Lining System

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Inspection Services

CLS Inspection Services are supported by a CNC-equipped thread shop operated by experienced machinists.

Inspection Services Spec Sheet (PDF)


Inspection onsite


Composite Lining Systems provides qualified reclamation services for API tubular goods. This includes used GRE-lined tubing:

  • Tubing received/inspected for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Liner and threads visually inspected
  • Threads ring and plug gauged
  • ID cleaned to remove soft scale, water-based drilling fluids, etc. (OD brushing optional)
  • Re-thread pin ends to API specification
  • Collars replaced as needed- API or specified thread compounds applied
  • GRE material replaced or repaired as needed

Rethreading pipe


Additional services available:

  • EM Inspection Service
  • Paraffin Removal
  • Straightening
  • Visual Inspection
  • Storage and Inventory 
  • Casing Repair
  • Threading and Collar Service

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