Composite Lining System

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Inspection Services

CLS Inspection Services are supported by a CNC-equipped thread shop and Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) services operated by experienced machinists and technicians.

Inspection Services Spec Sheet (PDF)


Inspection onsite


Composite Lining Systems provides qualified reclamation services for API tubular goods. This includes used GRE-lined tubing:

  • Tubing received/inspected for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Liner and threads visually inspected
  • Threads ring and plug gauged
  • ID cleaned to remove soft scale, water-based drilling fluids, etc. (OD brushing optional)
  • Re-thread pin ends to API specification
  • Collars replaced as needed- API or specified thread compounds applied
  • GRE material replaced or repaired as needed

Rethreading pipe


Additional services available:

  • EM Inspection Service
  • Paraffin Removal
  • Straightening
  • Visual Inspection
  • Storage and Inventory 
  • Casing Repair
  • Threading and Collar Service

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