Composite Lining System

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The CLS WedgeRing® adaptive system is now fully proven through utilization in corrosive injection and production systems where premium GRE-lined casing and tubing are required. WedgeRing® enables the joining of GRE-lined premium tubing and casing without compromising protection across the connection. 

WedgeRing® is affordable, versatile and innovative and is provided exclusively by Composite Lining Systems. Our goal is to create "bulletproof" tubular solutions for corrosive disposal, storage and production solutions using tubular products to 7-inches in diameter. Millions of feet installed world-wide support this achievement.

WedgeRing® Spec Sheet (PDF)


WedgeRing Threaded and Collared
WedgeRing Flush Joint
WedgeRing Integral Joint
WedgeRing IJ TS Two-step

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